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It’s not too late!  Submit an example of your best academic work to
Focus on German Studies!

Focus on German Studies, a journal produced by the German Graduate
Student Governance Association (GGSGA) at the University of Cincinnati,
is an important voice of the next generation of scholars in German
Studies.  Check our website, listed below, for more information on our
journal, books available for review, a list of upcoming conferences, and

SUBMISSIONS from graduate students demonstrating original scholarship in
any area of German-language literature or German Studies will be
considered for publication.  We also publish interviews with
German-speaking writers.

Please submit papers to the email below as a Microsoft Word attachment
or on disk to the address below in Microsoft Word format.  Manuscripts
should be ca. 10-20 pages in length (interviews 4-8 pages)
They must follow the MLA style guidelines.  The manuscript should be
prepared so that it can be read anonymously.

The deadline for submissions to be considered for the 2005 volume of
Focus on German Studies is December 15, 2004.  Inquiries and submissions
should be made to the address below.

IMPORTANT -- If this email reaches you and you are NOT a graduate
student, but a professor, please pass it on to your best students who
might be interested in submitting a paper.

-- If you do not wish to receive any further emails from this address,
please let us know and we will remove you from our address book!


Julia K. Baker

Julia K. Baker, Editor-in-chief

Laura Tráser-Vas, Book Review Editor

Focus on German Studies

University Of Cincinnati ML 0372

Cincinnati, OH  45221-0372 USA

Phone (513) 556-2752

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