Actually, Poems Written in Early Youth was what I had in mind.
Eliot was lyrical before he was base.

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If by "very early" you mean "Inventions of the March Hare," I think
Neruda would have found it far more disturbing and repugnant, based on
the reasons suggested here.

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Too bad he never read any of Eliot's very early or later poetry. From
what I've read of Neruda, he would have really liked Eliot's lyrical
I'm not terribly surprised to hear such extreme remarks coming from
Neruda, though. Thanks for sharing them!


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'When Fadayev declared in Wroclaw that, if hyenas used a pen or a
they would write like T.S. Eliot or the novelist Sartre, I think that
was an
insult to the animal kingdom.  I do not believe that creatures endowed
intelligence and the power of expression would make such an obscene
religion out
of the annihilation and repugnant vice, as those two so-called 'masters'
Western culture have done.'  - Pablo Neruda