International Symposium on Modernity and Contemporaneity: Pittsburgh, PA
Nov.4-6, 2004

In early November, the University of Pittsburgh will bring together a
group of the world‚*ôs leading scholars and art theorists for a Nov.4-6
symposium entitled ‚*úModernity and Contemporaneity: Antinomies of Art and
Culture After the 20th Century.‚*Ě Among the symposium participants are
Fredric Jameson, Bruno Latour, Antonio Negri, Rosalind Krauss, Susan
Buck-Morss and Boris Groys. The symposium will challenge the notions of
‚*úmodern‚*Ě and ‚*úcontemporary‚*Ě as they relate to both the works in the
exhibition and to art and culture throughout the world.

The symposium, co-organized by Pitt‚*ôs Department of History of Art and
Architecture and the Graduate Program for Cultural Studies, will be held
in conjunction with the 54th Carnegie International, considered North
America‚*ôs leading survey of new art work worldwide. The Carnegie
International, organized this year by curator Laura Hoptman, is known as
a barometer of contemporary artistic directions in the Americas, Europe,
Asia, and elsewhere. Just as ‚*úmodernism‚*Ě and ‚*úpostmodernist‚*Ě have been
used to describe previous periods and movements in the 20th century, the
time in which we now live is already articulating its own descriptives.
What are they? Where are we now?

Conveners: Terry Smith, Okwui Enwezor, Nancy Condee Registration
deadline: 1 October (to avoid late fee) For additional information and
registration, see:

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