BTW, the road to the West Alton Boat ramp was being oiled & rocked today.

I. LITTLE CREVE COEUR LAKE area just off of I-70 (only a few miles)
- From I-70 in NW St. Louis county (Maryland Heights area)
- Take the Earth City Exit SOUTH and continue on this road, Maryland Heights
Expressway (MH Expressway) for a few miles, past Marine Avenue  (landmarks
you will pass are UMB Pavilion, Harrah's Casino, Schmittel's Nursery and
- At the intersection of CC MILL ROAD (stoplight along MH Expressway) turn
LEFT onto it.
- Follow this road a mile or so to the SEEGER West County GOLF RANGE on your
right. Enter the Golf Range, drive past the front office/check-in and drive
to the back of the driving range. Along this road at the corner as it turns
right, were ~ 30 ETS in the road eating grit.
-You can continue on to the two red buildings to park. This is one of the
access areas to Little Creve Coeur Lake.

II. RIVERLANDS EDA, St. Charles co, West Alton, MO
See the map of the refuge on the website
-At the corner of Wise Road and Red School Road (the "Y") go left.
- I had ETS in the trees here and there along this road.
- Also had ETS in the Cedars at the Ebenezer Cemetery and then across Coral
in a bare tangled bush (near the small fenced in area)
- Also had ETS in the trees on Red School Road just past the intersection of
this road and Coral Island road
- also had a large group in the trees next to the nice house with the
swimming pool & grain elevators. Private property, so please stay on the
road and have respect for the home owners (no LONG stays please because they
have had break-ins recently in this area. I have been stopped by Police in
this area and asked what I was doing)

 III. MARAIS TEMP CLAIR CA - St. Charles co., MO in between St. Charles, the
town, and West Alton (google MO Dept of Conservation for map and directions)
- Main headquarters parking lot off of Island Road, there was an ETS taking
something into the vent of the little brown check-in building (nest building
or already have nest there)

Other birds at Riverlands:
NO willet
loads of pelicans and egrets/herons of various sizes.

Plenty of shorebird habitat in St. Charles co, but only found Killdeer
Found fluddles on: Saale Road, Dwiggins and Saale, Hwy H, Powers road,
Barwise Road......typical places.

Time to cool down.

Charlene Malone
St. Louis co.

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