So, here it is, a thundering, lightning, summer evening in Florida, and I have to get to preparing the potato salad for my usual fourth of july barbecue.  In addition to the steak, hamburger and hot dog, there will be a meatless Italian dish that I will be doing tomorrow mooring, as one of my friends is a veggie. If any one of the List is in the South Florida area tomorrow, feel free to email me for directions. Meanwhile, my husband wrote a poem yesterday.  He has written poems very sporadically during the years of our marriage, love poems to me, but to be honest, most of them, though there were exceptions, weren't that exceptional (thought the sentiments expressed were always meaningful to me), but I like this one and will share it with the List.
The Last Dance of Stanley Kowalsky
Full life we dream of
yours, a tornado of angst
mixed of arrogant self doubt
you took us with celebrated mumbles
and stamped with rebellious swagger 
with a face that undressed so many
you created as a reluctant artist
with a mind as twisted as thirsty
personas of the ugly and the loving
a macho delivery with a feminine heart
that could have been a contender to
that renaissance madman of the jungle
a glorious freak of his own kingdom
you took spielberg in your pocket
and laughed with a mic in your ear
like a cat with seven lives
you made up tales and lived a tale
you demonstrated with a King
and made an indian your brother 
and became more loved then the pope
and became more hated then judas
hiding in an island dreaming utopia
where you poured your green recklessly
killing your beauty before your time
such a private man with so many hats
you tormented your friends with
childish pranks and twisted charm
and cried on screen like a child
and ballooned with ice cream
a king lear with no throne
and didn't gave a damn anymore
father of disappointments and
husband of hot bloodied island gals
you made your life so dramatic
and you never wanted to be an actor
and a young woman sees you
as you dance one last dance in paris 
and she desires to make love to you
and you are alive again.