Microsoft has a preview of their new search engine at
They want people to give it a try and give them feedback.
Giving feedback to help Microsoft take over the world will
not help your karma point score though.  Remember, at one
time Googling for "More evil than Satan himself" brought
up the Microsoft site on top.

I checked out "The Waste Land" and was pleased to see my
website listed at the top but was a bit embarrassed that
some of my pages that are not worth much are also listed.

Anyway, one of the reasons that I mention this is that
Microsoft needs more work to get really important sites
listed first.  The good news though is that odd pages
get listed up top.  For example, it didn't take long in
running down the link list to find a print for sale that
was a portrait of TSE formed by the words of TWL.

You may want to use this search engine for a bit to find
odd-ball pages related to your interests.

    Rick Parker