Dare I ask, might there be a pun with COLD?

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Dear Sara,

Kohl is a black makeup for the lids and eyebrows.  It was apparently
made of powdered antinomy.  But it was an early form of makeup to have
darkened, languid eyes.  It would have been very noticeable I assume
when making up became more common, but if you look at pictures of women
in the 20s, it is very apparent.  Dictionaries also list it as used in
Eastern countries, but I knew it from use in the 20s; I imagine it was
used well before that.

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Hi, everybody on the list!

I haven't written much lately, since I've been busy at university. But
I've gotten my BA Hons and can fully relax... Well, not just relax.
In fact, I was translating a short story by Vernon Lee when I came
the adjective 'kohled' (in the sentence "have big kohled eyes"), whose
meaning I could not find either in my paper dictionary or on online
Can anyone help?
Best wishes,