An ALDER FLYC was seen by Joe Eades this AM (Thursday, 5/27/04)
It was behind the Gaddy Garden along the chip trail, about half way between
the garden and Kingshwy.
At 7:45 AM the mowers were starting, so don't know if it stuck around.
He said there sere still birds around, Red-starts, maybe
Blackburnians.....sounded like stuff already seen for a while, but maybe
something you need..... If he had a CONN or MOURNING, think he would say.
If there is a storm the night before to bring passerines down, TGP might be
a place to look in the AM, about 7:00 AM to mid-morn.

Re: St. Peters S-T flyc
Went there to look this AM.
Saw all the E. kingbirds that were with the S-T, but NO SCISSOR-TAILED  FLYC
for me.
Dave was there too and he didn't re-find it either.. (Thought Dave "T.
forficatus" Rogles would re-find it since he has the birding gods on his
side, but my rep as being a birding "cooler" over-ruled his mojo..ha)

Re: reports from TGP
Think after Mid-May, birding at TGP slows and the number of birders decrease
substantially as well, but even in the heat of migration, reports from TGP &
Forest Park sure seemed to me few and far between (except for a few

Also, since the birding has heated up at REDA, many birders are focusing on
the shorebirds.
We have been shorebird poor for most of the season, so have to strike there
while the iron is (was?) hot.
Hopefully any birders going to REDA today will post their findings..........
Please. :-)

If you are going after the PAINTED BUNTING, early AM is always the best time
to avoid all the Katy Trail biker traffic.
There could be migrants along the Katy Trail, BUT I have not heard any in a
while, but who knows.
Lost Valley can be a good spot for Alders, Fallen Oak trail at Busch the
same, but all involve lots of walking and time spent.
TGP will mean less distance to walk and time spent, but more driving around
to get to.
Think REDA is a spot people still need to check in the very early AM or
late, late afternoon to sunset for the best selection (or just before a
horrendous storm for 16 Whimbrels ;-)
With the storms coming and going, who knows what will pop in!!
There is(was?) more habitat to look through now,so it will be more difficult
to find stuff. Scopes needed!
West Alton and Stone Hedge/Fishermen's parking lot are two spots to remember
to look too.

BTW, I am being told by those that follow these trends, that this is the
time to look for ARCTIC TERNS in amongst the "white terns".

Here are the options kiddos.
Run with it. ;-)

Good birding,
Charlene Malone

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Sent: Thursday, May 27, 2004 10:30 AM
Subject: Advice Riverlands or TGP

> Kathleen Anderson and I are coming into St. Louis on Friday in order to
> catch an early morning flight on Saturday.  Might as well spend the whole
> day birding, right???
> Original plans were to do Weldon Springs, Busch and TGP.  But, of course,
> Riverlands now seems a little "hotter".  Which way to go?????  Are people
> not reporting from TGP because things are now "dead" and all the attention
> (and birders) have been diverted to Riverlands???  Or are there still
> to see at TGP, but people aren't posting?  Inquiring minds want to know!
> Seriously, any advice/information etc. will help us make up our minds on
> best use of our time.  Thanks.
> Jean Leonatti
> Boone County
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