am 09.05.2004 14:19 Uhr schrieb Tom Gray  unter [log in to unmask]:

> Stupidity is not something that pertains only to
> politicians like George Bush.
> When I listen to academics ridicule Bush and others, I
> always keep this in mind. Bush is not an academic.

Nobody said he is.

> His mind is not concentrated on analyzing and
> rationalizing the world around him. Bush is a man who
> works in the real world and who chooses action.

At times, inaction is preferable to blind action.

> His
> bent is not to rationalize possibilities but to act to
> procure results.

But, dear Tom --

isn't rationalizing possibilities commonly a prerequisite for obtaining
usable results?

This Rove-Cheyney-Rummy crew is getting to be a nightmare, Let alone that
vapid, smug and verbose Condy nerd.

(B.t.w.: Don't miss AMERICAN SPLENDOR -- wow. What a flick! Depressive and

E.g: The America pays dearly for the inexistance of a viable plan for a post
war Iraq...

>  He is not the man to write the
> pamphlet on best practices in an emergency. He is the
> man to act in an emergency. This is a valuable form of
> intelligence

Depends on the fruit of action, doesn't it?
Are you satisfied with what you saw so far?