am 08.05.2004 3:13 Uhr schrieb Tom Gray  unter [log in to unmask]:

> This is not a hoax. The Canadian Prime Minister (from
> the party whose officials called Bush a moron in
> public) recently made a speech on a military base to
> mark the upcoming 60th anniversary of D-Day. Prime
> Minister Martin noted twice in his prepared remarks
> about the importance of the D-Day invasion of Norway.


an understandable blunder since Normandy and Norway are almost homophone.

I recall on one of my sojourns in the US mentioning my provenance from
Switzerland, and getting replies like: "lovely country -- don't they build
these nice Volvos?"... Pretty harmless stuff, all this.

It only gets tragic when the leader of the free world, elected under dubious
circumstances, is so stupid and callous as to give Sharon permission to keep
the stolen land on the West Bank in exchange of giving back the equally
stolen Gaza strip, all the while babbling ponderously about "the crusade
against terrorism", being entirely ignorant of what the fuck the crusades
meant to Arabs.

The current administration seems to be totally unaware that by backing the
horrendous injustice done to the Palestinians he is promoting terrorism and
creating antagonism to anything American in the Arab world and elsewhere.