am 25.5.04 5:57 Uhr schrieb Justin Blessinger unter [log in to unmask]:

 Instead of requiring appropriate punishment for those involved and those
who ordered the torture, if indeed that's how it turns out, Gunnar uses the
event to try to question the legitimacy of a foreign President, and to
somehow blame Israel for acts of terrorism against it, tidily boxing up
"terrorism" in the small-minded definition of "a way of killing people."
His solution for ending terrorism is to comply with its demands!

What a cheap shot, dear Justin!

Forcing Israel to give back the stolen land and to withdraw behind its
lawful borders (the Green Line) would be, I repeat, a first step to give
justice to the Palestinian people.

Certain people, like you or that Troy broad, have a tendency to label anyone
bringing up the legitimate demands of an oppressed people as anti-semites.
This is  so facile and stupid.

Force Israel to comply, and terrorists will go away.  Because, as we all
know, there was no conflict or terrorism in the middle east prior to the
establishment of modern Isreal.

I fail to understand what you mean by that... Sorry, it's plain nonsense.

Fascinating how one can leap from the abuses in that Iraqi prison to one's
racist soapbox condemning Isreal for its own problems.

Opposing Sharon's murderous policy of "an eye for an eye" and occupying
stolen land has nothing to do with racism.
Perhaps you want to be more careful with your choice of slurs.