I see your point, Peter. I guess I got a little too idiomatic.
But I would assert that since God is Truth (John 14:6), all truth outside God has come from God, so in that way I guess you could say people _have_ truth or don't. But you're exactly right -- the truth IS. And I like your thoughts about having a proper relationship with it. I think you're exactly right on that point.

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Being a fervent Catholic myself (which I won't take the time to define,
but you can imagine that it makes truth a very serious concern to me), I find it difficult
to see the idea of HAVING truth, as if it were a commodity. I think that is
a  concept that has developed along with capitalism from its roots in
the Reformation. The truth IS. It has us. We can not contain it, or commodify
it, or paste it into words. We can have a relationship with it. So long as we
are in a proper relation to reality we are connected to truth. That includes
transcendent reality. It seems to me that a person can have a right relation
to reality whatever formula he might be using in words, orally or on paper.
The truth is NOBODY'S possession nor can it be reduced to mere symbolic
arrangements of sound or print. It always has been and continues to be a mystery.
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As a former atheist, I would violently disagree.
Atheism only adds more despair to being dumped on, because it offers no explanation and no hope. The only thing that would alleviate being dumped on, or that would give it some meaning, is revelation of whether there is a way to know the meaning of reality, and if so, what that meaning is. Receiving this revelation is the only thing truly comforting in the world.
But I do appreciate your thoughts. Thank you for sharing them. It is a sad reality that not all who claim to have the truth really do. In fact, as we have discussed before, there really can't be more than one Truth, or else there is no Truth. Christian fundamentalists, the ones I assume you were discussing with your comments, have often been guilty of failing to live graciously in the grace they have been given.
Best wishes,

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When you are really
being dumped on atheism is rather more comforting than belief.

But all social movements are complex, & as various people have observed
over the millenia, it is advisable to Know Your Enemy. Such knowledge is
not achieved by snap formulations.