Yes Gunnar. Be tolerant to all those who would be intolerant. Just make sure they don't get hold of the reigns of power. That of course means that in a democratic secular society you must never tell intolerant fascistic types that you don't like them. You might hurt their self-esteem and make them cry.

Of course if they get control of things, you don't have to worry about that because if you criticize them then they'll just lock you up, torture you and eventually kill you.

Be kind Gunnar to the neocons who glibly believe they can continue to use the fundamentalists in their neighborhood as their cat's paw and their three-headed dog and who advocate you tread lightly about  their pet monster's intolerance of your tolerance and your criticism of their intolerance. Don't you understand, Gunnar? Well don't you?


on 2/25/04 3:16 PM, Justin Blessinger at [log in to unmask] wrote:

So worship all you like at your altar of relativity.  The great thing about such a position is there is nothing to defend.  But if you hold it in such high esteem, show a little tolerance for persons who believe they have learned something true.  Tolerance is something to be extended at least as much as received.