Francis Gavin wrote:
> As for the current nonsense you cite, it is rooted in nationalist fervor,
> not religion. Like I said, it's been tried before. It just never lasts.

Yes. It can't be emphasized too much that from the very beginning (early
20th century) fundamentalism has always been more of a social than a
religious movement. Moreover, the growth of Islamic fundamentalism has
always been fueled by nationalist reaction to western imperialism. From
1950 on the U.S. destroyed every democratic and secular movement that
appeared in the mideast. Sadaam achieved power in a u.s. backed coup.
Mossedegh, overthrown in a coup organized by the CIA (Theodore
Roosevelt's son was the operative in charge, and he wrote a book
boasting of his achievement) was perhaps Iran's last chance for a stable
and secular democracy.

Francis may be too optimistic in stating "it never lasts." True, but it
can last long enough to do immense damage.


P.S. Some posters seem to making the untenable identification of
"fundamentalism" with "orthodoxy." The two tendencies are radically
distinct. Literal interpretation of the bible has _never_ been orthodox.
No orthodox Christian would be embarassed by the question of whether the
fish drowned in Noah's flood. :-)