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> Rick:
> I propose a definition.
> A "fundamentalist" in the perjorative sense is someone who professes to act in
> accordance with principles or beliefs that she says are of the utmost
> importance to her, compelling or informing major life decisions, where: (i)
> those principles or beliefs are not subject to proof or falsification by
> currently available means; and (ii) the person employing the perjorative
> disagrees with either the principles or beliefs at issue, the decisions based
> upon them, or, most frequently, both.
> Tom Kissane
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>> Dear List
>> Danger: a tongue is firmly placed in a cheek!!
>> Let's consider this "Fundamentalism" Problem that Gunnar raised.  Maybe we
>> can find a solution.

Dear Tom,

in my view, there is no need to re-define fundamentalism.

My Webster gives two versions:

1 A strict belief in the literal interpretation of the Bible (or in the
Koran, I would add.), and

2 A movement or attitude stressing strict and literal adherence to a set of
basic principles.

I fail to see the meaning of "fundamentalism in a pejorative sense" -- since
fundamentalism is incompatible with tolerance, this sounds like a pleonasm.