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> My judgement has nothing to do with the man's accent -- how ridiculous, who
> would care about that? I simply abhor fundamentalists in general. Christian
> fundamentalists are just as despicable as all others; read "The Clash of
> Fundamentalisms" by Tariq Ali.

I'm afraid that I must agree with Gunnar.  It's not that I care that any one
person or even that the majority follow the teachings of Jesus or Allah or
anyone else.  What makes me nervous is when their belief takes them to the level
where they also believe that the rest of the world must believe like they do
and they then vow to convert, as in the case of the Christians, or destroy, as
in the case of the Muslims, those that believe otherwise.  Rick, I don't want
you to leave.  I enjoy your posts.  You are very sweet.  But, why do you give
in to ignorance and rudeness?   Now, Gunnar here hates our President but he
knows so little compared to us about America.  I'm a Democrat, always have been
and always will be; but, I'm hardly enthralled by Kerry, to put it mildly. I'm
praying Edwards wins the nomination and then the general election, but unlike
Gunnar, I don't hate our President.  I certainly don't agree with many of his
domestic policies, but I don't hate him for that.  It's a tough job he has,
George W.  And I tell Gunnar to remember that little point.   And, no
Floatpoint, in case you write in to ask, I'm not drunk.  I am sipping on a glass of
white wine, but that doesn't make me drunk.  How silly you are; haven't you
heard?  A little wine is good for the heart and good for the spirit.  Salu