This thread seems to be wandering a bit but the following might be of
interest concerning Ovid.

Raphael Lyne's "Ovid's Changing World" (Oxford Univ P, 2001) gives an
outstanding review of the translation history of Ovid and includes an entire
section on Arthur Golding's translation.

For those interested in Golding,  the Ovid Shakespeare reportedly used,
Golding's translation has been fairly recently republished: "Ovid's
Metamorphoses: Translated by Arthur Golding".  (John Hopkins Univ Press,
2002)  edited and introduced by Madeleine Forey.   Forey's  introduction is
very helpful.

Ted Hughes published "Tales From Ovid" (Farrar Straus Giroux, New York,

Mary Innes published a prose version with Penguin Books "The Metamorphoses
of Ovid" in 1955

Loeb publishes an English  translation with facing Latin in two volumes.

Comparing the four is a fascinating activity and those of you who have Latin
should enjoy the Loeb immensely to my considerable jealousy.

In "Guide to Kulchur" page 249 Pound states "Golding made a new Ovid"

Raphael Lyne tells how Golding changes Ovid; "He begins by metamorphosing
Ovid by turning the sophisticated Roman into a ruddy country gentleman with
tremendous gusto and a gift for energetic doggerel".(Lyne, 20)

Lyne's point, which probably also attracted Pound, was that Golding
metamorphosesed (my word) "Metamorphoses".

Lyne also points out that Golding introduce dialect into a text that was
originally written in dialect free literary Latin.  (see Foley's edition of
Golding page 333 for an example of this) Dialect was an automatic attraction
to Pound.

Sister Bernetta Quinn said "Repeatedly he (Pound) emphasizes the fact that
Golding created a new Ovid and that knowledge of how he did so is
indispensable to an understanding of English (or any other division of)
literature.  (Quinn, pg 16)

Given the importance of Golding's translation of  "Metamorphosis" to English
language literature I recommend Foley's edition highly.  A quick read of
Lyne's section on Golding would be very helpful.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM