Thanks very much.  Your thoughts will provide some good grist to happily
mull over.

There is probably a minor problem in that "Lustra" was published in 1916.
"A Lune Spento" was published in 1908 and an early version of "Personae" was
published in 1909.  My edition of "Personae" is the 1926 version and has a
section of poems entitled "Poems of Lustra 1913-1915" and another section
entitled "Poems of Lustra 1915-1916".  However, Gallup's bibliography shows
the earliest publication for these poems to be the 1916 "Lustra".

 "Mauberley" sometimes strikes me as a failed TWL though I would not like to
say that around many Poundians and their ga ga ga relatives.  I might be
asked to substantiate my opinion which would probably prove difficult if not
impossible.  "Mauberley" as a failure might, however, account for some of
the eagerness and excitement with which Pound worked to help  Eliot with
TWL.  There is a "view point" problem with "Mauberley": also just who is the
central character in "Mauberley" and is the central character the same in
all parts of the poem.  The problem seems a little Tiresias like and is why
I asked about it.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM