am 19.02.2004 20:28 Uhr schrieb Richard Seddon  unter [log in to unmask]:

> Can a person whose avowed church is adamantly opposed to abortion, be a
> faithful member of that church while also being an advocate for abortion.

Dear Rick,

your question has reminded me of a statement Pope Woytila has given on the
topic of the raped (Muslim) women of Sebrenica. Remember -- that was the
Bosnian village where the Serb militia slaughtered thousands of Bosnian men
and raped their women.

This had happened under the auspices of the (desperately outmanned) U.N.
forces whose Dutch commander, after the invasion, shared a glass of Slivovic
Brandy with the Serb general, a butcher named Radko Mladic,a free man up to
this very day. Fortunately a couple of months afterwards the U.S. put an end
to the genocide -- a courageous and great deed by the much scolded U.S. of
A. that U.E., whose responsibility the whole mess was, seemed unable to

The Pope's message was:
"Bear the fruit of your body in humility."

This patronizing advice of the infallible old Polack still makes me want to
blow lunch.

Your message sounds as though you might be the one having received some
revelation of "true" Christianity. In your words, I perceive the stale
stench of fundamentalism, Christian fundamentalism being as despicable as
any other.

I do not see any reason for your attacking Nancy.