I did not impugn your character or personality.  I did not attack you.

I did question your authority to judge another's faith.  Frankly, I find
that questioning another's faith in public is not a very sociable thing to
do.  I believe it was Howard Dean that said that he found it counter to his
New England upbringing to talk about his faith in public.  I am sure that he
would have found it as difficult to talk about another person's faith in a
judgmental fashion.

Many Christians have a very difficult time thinking of a politician who
routinely votes for abortion as acting in a Christian fashion.

I asked, assuming your authority,

 Can a person whose avowed church is adamantly opposed to abortion, be a
> faithful member of that church while also being an advocate for
> abortion.

You ignored this, choosing to declare that as far as the other candidates
were concerned you didn't care what their faith was or even if they had a
faith   Why does President Bush's Christianity make such a difference that
you can ignore (obvious to some Christians) unchristian like behavior to the
unborn and focus on Bush's policies which you feel are unfair to the poor.
You did not even choose to identify which Bush policies against the poor are
the most egregious.  I can only assume that you think that all of his
policies are intended to exploit the poor.

I gather from your post that your personal opinion of President Bush is that
he is a heartless rich man who cares little for the poor.   I am sure that
you will have a similar problem with Senator Kerry's wealth  and will demand
from Senator Kerry, if he were elected,  immediate alleviation of at least
some of the problems that face the poor in America today.   In this I will
fully support and join you in demanding that a Senator Kerry candidature and
possible Presidency immediately find solutions to the most pressing problems
facing America's poor.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM