Peter Montgomery wrote:
> All I know is that at West Minister Abbey, where all the great
> English poets, including T.S.E. are either buried or commemorated,
> there is, in the Abbey cloister, a manhole cover with the name
> Thomas Crapper, eng. engraved on it.

Sorry, I couldn't help but look for Crapper manhole covers
(that IS sorry, isn't it?)  Pictures of them are at:

The pictures are at
which says:
    Closeup of T. Crapper & Co. Manhole Cover.
    Similar to those in Westminster Abbey, Sandringham,
    Buckingham Palace, etc.

Pictures of the wall plaque at the Parish Church of St. Michael,
East Coker and Eliot's memorial stone at Poet's Corner, Westminster
Abbey are at:

A short history and picture of Poet's Corner is at:

While searching I came upon a quiz that I will reword and give here:
There are three Americans memorialized at Poet's Corner but not buried
there.  One was always an American citizen and is buried in America.
Two became British subjects and, of these, one's resting place is in
England and the other's is in America.  Identify each.

    Rick Parker