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> I sort of like an occasional steak of soy protein grilled and smoothered
> with mushrooms and onions in a brown gravy along with my salad, veggies and
> brown rice.
It appears that we actutally have similar taste in food, except for the meat,
of course.  I always make brown rice. Once in awhile, I'll make potatoes for
my husband but always red potatoes with skins on.  Living in FL, it is easy
for me to have fresh veggies every night.  For the most part, I do brocali or
green beans with cheese melted lightly on.  And salad with lots of greens and a
balsamic Italian dressing.  And, of course, as the main course, during the
week when I work, it's ususally hamburger or steak grilled with onions or

This email is getting me rather hungry.