--- Francis Gavin <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> Ever heard of a fundamentalist Buddhist? Hindu?
> Tried, now and again and
> found wanting.

What does your analysis make of the religious disputes
in India between Sikhs and Hindus, and Muslims and
Hindus in which each side tries to create a state
based only on its own religion?

Returning to my own country of Canada, we had our own
9/11 in 1985. Sikh terrorists placed bombs on two
separate Air India 747s in Canada. One exploded on the
ground in Tokyo killing two baggage handlers. The
other exploded in the air over the Atlantic near
Ireland killing over 300 people. Most of these people
were Canadian citizens of ethnic Indian background.
This was timed for the anniversary of the incursion by
the Indian Army into the Golden Temple, which is the
most significant Sikh holy place.

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