The thing is, Rickard, that on this list the
only unacceptable faith is the Christian one,
and that is because Eliot was/is a Christian,
which somehow seems to be a total affront to
anything associated with academic respectability.

I have no qualms in affronting academic respectability,
myself. How about you?


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Subject: Re: Eliot and the president (Was leader of the free world)

Dear Gunnar

I was not attacking Nancy.  I was objecting to her and your outrageous
critique of another's faith.

This is becoming an outright attempt at political correctness and I am
absolutely sick of it.

I was objecting to a negative judgment about another individual's Christian
faith.  I would have had the exactly the same objection for a negative
judgment rendered about a Jew or a Muslim or a Pantheist.

This list is made up of people of many political beliefs. It is a free and
democratic place but it is not a Democrat place or a Republican place.
Political statements and assertions should not be made without expecting

I am beginning to suspect this list will only entertain one set of political
beliefs.  That any objection to a political statement rendered by you or
Nancy and a few others, however outrageous, is going to be met with
accusations of "attack" and a call for silence.  That my fundamental
socialist friend is the first step towards tyranny.

You and the others thoroughly disrupted the list throughout the 2000
elections.   You generally slurred and bashed then Governor Bush concerning
his lack of serious stature, intelligence and his accent.  Any objection was
then, as it is now, met with accusations of attack and personal slurs.  You
have continued to slur and bash President Bush.  I am uninterested in what
you think of President Bush which is why I did not respond to your original
post.  I am very interested in what Nancy thinks about literature and
politics. which is why I replied to her post.

I did not attack Nancy.  I did object to her and your outrageous slurs about
President Bush.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM