From: Carrol Cox

Peter Montgomery wrote:
>The work is a
> touchstone or proofrock. One rubs one's self against it to find if one
> genuine or not. That is art's job. To hold the mirror up to nature.

This is a bit contradictory. If it is art's job (if art, which is not a
person, has a job) "to hold the mirror up to nature," then what the
reader has to do is to determine whether the mirror is cracked or
whether the "nature" it reflects is a put-up job or 'really' nature.

Indeed the medium does interfere with the message, and the message
may not be accurate. Perhaps the reason humans get so much backwards
is because they are looking at reflections. It is indeed a limited
medium, but it may well be all we have. Touchstones don't always work.
Still, "Ars longa; vita brevis," he chirped from the golden bough,
as all the emperors yawned. As to the person who assigned this job?
Well, a possible candidate, a bit late perhaps, might be Aristotle.