Subversions of Gender Identities through Laughter and the Comic in Literature, Theatre and Modern Media: Chances and Limits


Workshop II: Cultural Diversity, Transnationalism and the Comic


August 20-25, 2004, University of British Columbia


The second workshop of the Subversions of Gender Identities Conference focuses on gender identities, cultural diversity and intercultural relations. Papers submitted for this workshop could discuss the question of the two "sexes" as "two cultures" in a heterosexually organized world or link issues of hybridity with ethnic or national "comic" stereotypes. Papers on all variety of texts and media are encouraged. We would particularly like to encourage papers comparing "multiculturalism" and gender in Canadian and German texts and films.


Unlike traditional conferences, this conference was designed in workshop format with the aim to facilitate group discussions of each paper. In order to maximize discussion time, the selected papers (10-15 pages in length) will be distributed to all workshop participants 2 months in advance. Each participant will serve as "respondent" and briefly summarize another participant's paper (5 min.), after which the author of the paper will be given the opportunity to clarify or add aspects (5 min.). This will be followed by a 30-minute group discussion.


The workshop will be held in German and English and will be led by Profs. Gaby Pailer, Steven Taubeneck, and Markus Hallensleben from the University of British Columbia.




March 15, 2004Deadline for abstract submission

April 15, 2004Notification of selected participants

June 15, 2004Paper submission


One-page abstracts of the proposed paper should be submitted to:


In CanadaIn Germany

Prof. Gaby PailerProf. Andreas Böhn

The University of British ColumbiaUniversität Karlsruhe

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