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>For a proposed special session at the 2004 MLA Convention in Philadelphia,
>December 2004:
>"The Duration of the Ephemeral:
>Theorizing Fugitive Sensations in Film & Literature"
>Scholars froma  variety of fields have been increasingly intrigued by the
>ways moments, sensations, and "feelings" experienced as ephemeral
>nonetheless endure--in memory, as perceptions, even as the shape or form
>of a thought.  In the process of articulating the endurance of ephemeral
>phenomena as it materializes in literary texts, cinematic texts, and in
>teh history of reading and viewing, we discover the undisciplined murk out
>of which our current disciplines and methods emerge.
>In the field of early cinema history, for example, Mary Ann Doane's recent
>_Cinematic Time: Modernity, Contingency, and the Archive_ shows how the
>cinema, "representing the sincular instant of chance and ephemerality in
>the face of increasing rationalization, participated in the structure of
>time and contingency in capitalist modernity" (Doane). Similarly ephemeral
>phenomena periodically mark the history and reception of the novel, when a
>text or a context of reading confronts the reader with a feeling, and the
>feeling passes into the stuff of literary history. In a sense, many of us
>are working to "make" the ephemeral "endure," if no where else than in a
>scholarly capture of ephemera, or in exploring phenomena that have no
>name, yet belong to our disciplines' prehistories.
>This proposed panel calls for papers that attempt to articulate the
>endurance of phemeral phenomena and fugitive sensations, be they fugitive
>in the experience of the reader/viewer, or fugitive in the structure of
>the narrative we attend to.
>Send 500 word (max) proposals by March 20, 2004 to:
>Rebecca Gordon,
>Department of English
>Indiana University
>Bloomington, IN 47405
>Email attachments welcome: [log in to unmask]


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