19 January, 2004
MOST 19.01.04

Coverage:  Missouri Statewide
Compiler and Transcriber:  Edge Wade
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Compiled 19 January, 2004

Species included in this alert:
Greater White-fronted Goose
American Black Duck
TUNDRA SWAN (2 locations)
Common Loon
PRAIRIE FALCON (2 at one location)

This is the Monday,19 January, 2004 Missouri Bird Alert, a statewide
service of the Audubon Society of Missouri, serving the birding
community of Missouri since 1901.  The bird alert is compiled from
reports submitted by ASM members and other birders throughout the state.

One, possibly two COMMON REDPOLLS continue to be seen daily at the March
home southwest of Macon.  The bird(s) appear with Purple Finches and/or
American Goldfinches on the ground, on the tree-mounted platform feeder
and on the large spool.  In recent days a Sharp-shinned Hawk has
harassed the feeding birds, so some patience may be required to allow
the birds time to settle down and return to eat.

Directions:  At the south side of Macon, on the west side of US 63 is
the Conoco Ice House Gas Station.  Immediately north of the station is
Rollins St., heading west.  Take Rollins about 3 blocks until it curves
sharply right.  Continue straight on Goggins about 3 more blocks.  Turn
left (south) at the intersection with Coates St..  Go past a cemetery
where the road becomes gravel.  Continue around a couple of curves and
down a hill.  At the bottom of the hill is a road to the right (west)
This is Jaguar; turn right onto it.  The March  home is on Juniper
Place, the second road to the right.  At the top of the hill there are
several mailboxes and a curve. Go straight. The March home is the second
house on the right after the mailboxes (The house with log siding).

An immature GREAT BLACK-BACKED GULL at Long Branch Lake, Macon Co. (A
Guide to Birding in Missouri p. 45 ; Delorme p. 23) reported on the 16th
by Larry Lade and Steve Kinder was seen Saturday, the 17th by the March
family.  It was not relocated in the bitter cold of Sunday, January 18,
although searched for diligently by several birders.

A large flock of LAPLAND LONGSPURS was discovered by Anne and Don
Downing in western Shelby County, Sunday, January 18 (Delorme p. 24,

Directions:  From Clarence on US 36, go north on MO 151 to Rt. K at the
hamlet of Hagerís Grove.  Take Rt. K east to Rt. H.  About 2 miles north
on Rt. H is an intersection with Shelby Co. Rds. 226 on the east and 216
on the west.  The longspurs and many horned larks were on both sides of
Rt. H immediately north of this intersection.

A smaller flock was seen along Rt. K, just west of the intersection with
Rt. H.

The INCA DOVE continues to be seen north of St. Charles.  Morning
(7:15-8:30) appears to be the best time for seeing it according to
several recent reports.  It feeds with Mourning Doves on a concrete slab.

 From the West
Exit eastbound I-70 at 370 (a right hand exit, 1 mile m/l past
Mid-Rivers Exit).  Exit 370 at Elm Street (well marked); go left (under
370), through the industrial park.  Seeburger Road will be to the left,
just past a small curve to the right and beyond a small bridge.  Follow
Seeburger to South Shores and go left (South Shores will be the first
road past the railroad tracks).  At the corner where the road makes a Y
is a house with lots of bird feeders and a concrete pad on the north
side of the house.

 From the East
Take Hwy 70 to the 5th St. exit in St. Charles, heading north; follow
the signs to pick up 94, and follow 94 to Hwy B.  Left on B past the
turf farm  to Seeburger; right on Seeburger.  Follow Seeburger to South
Shores and go left (South Shores will be the first road past the
railroad tracks).  At the corner where the road makes a Y is a house
with lots of bird feeders and a concrete pad on the north side of the

A TUNDRA SWAN is being seen among the 72 Trumpeter Swans on Heron Pond
at Riverlands Demonstration Area, St. Charles Co.  Dave Rogles also
reporte 2 American Black Ducks and Greater White-fronted Geese on

A RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD, reported by Connie Alwood on O'Dell street in St.
Louis City, was seen on the 13th by Chris Brown and Josh Uffman between
11:30-12.  For directions contact Josh at [log in to unmask]

A NORTHERN SHRIKE remains near Mud Lake, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co.
(DeLorme p. 19).  Larry Lade has been providing regular updates.  Jo Ann
Eldridge reported that on the 14th it was seen from Crockett Rd, just a
little north and east of Old Mud Lake (before you turn south and pass
the green house with lots of white fencing).  It was first in a tree,
then on a utility wire, and actively hunting from the wire over the
field below.

Directions:  Jo Ann and Bob took Petit road (west) off 59 to 41st,
jogged south for a short distance, then turned west on Crockett Rd., and
saw the bird on the right after passing the house that has a "sold" sign
near the road. This location was before you turn south again on 54th.

Three TUNDRA SWANS are frequenting Lake Contrary in Buchanan County.

A WESTERN GREBE and a Common Loon are being seen at the marina of the
Chateau Hotel/resort on Table Rock Lake, report Lisa Berger and Dean
Rising.  Contact Dean Rising [log in to unmask]  or Lisa Berger
[log in to unmask] for directions.

Two PRAIRIE FALCONS were seen at 4:00 pm Sunday, January 18th by Jim
Rathert at Hi-Lonesome Prairie, Benton Co., near Cole Camp, south of
Sedalia (A Guide to Birding in Missouri p. 117 ; DeLorme p. 36).  They
appeared to be associating with a large flock of robins that were flying
to roost over the prairie. Jim notes they briefly harrassed 2 northern
harriers that were coursing low over the grassland. Then they flew
strongly in the direction of the robins.

Information regarding membership in the Audubon Society of Missouri may
be obtained from Bonnie Heidy, Membership Chair, at 573-442-2191, Joyce
Bathke, Treasurer, at 573-445-5758, or at the Audubon Society of
Missouri webpage:  http//

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