Birders (see attached announcement to register for a spectacular birding
event coming soon in Missouri)

On February 20-21, 2004 there will be a birding/duck blind viewing
event at Schell-Osage Conservation Area and Taberville Prairie near El
Dorado Springs and Nevada in west central Missouri. Below this email is
information on this event and registration materials. Note that the
weekend event is limited to 70 attendees with only room for 40 spaces in
the duck blinds. So, if you want to get into a duck blind with your
camera and have a knowledgeable duck hunter to show you some of the duck
calling and decoy activites involved in duck hunting sign up is on a
first email or call basis.

The weekend also includes general birding trips, and, trips to view
greater prairie-chickens, short eared owls and American woodcocks on
Friday afternoon. Also, a working retriever demonstrations, digiscoping
workshop, wetland management, waterfowl identification, and much, much
more. Events start about 2:30 on Friday and end at 6:00 pm on Saturday.

A donation of $25 will be used to construct a viewing tower on Schell
Lake, which will allow permanently accessible   viewing access to the
waterfowl refuge during waterfowl hunting season.

Brad Jacobs

Brad Jacobs
PO Box 180
Jefferson City, MO  65102
(573) 751-4115  Ext.3648
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                                        Register for the Schell-Osage
Birding Spree
                                                    February 20-21,

Start your spring birding with an all new experience.  The Conservation
Department is hosting the Schell-Osage Birding Spree at Schell-Osage
Conservation Area near El Dorado Springs on February 20-21, 2004.  This
event will feature a Friday evening field trip to see short-eared owls,
greater prairie-chickens, and American woodcocks near Taberville
Prairie.  An evening meal and presentations will follow.  Saturday
morning will be greeted with additional birding field trips until about
10-11:00 am when duck blind assignments will be made. Lunch is provided
at noon and includes presentations on the ecology and management of
Schell-Osage.  Saturday afternoon will feature a Marsh Outdoor Workshop,
that is, in the marsh.  The capstone of the event will be a trip into
the marsh by boat to watch the high breeding plumaged ducks settling
into the marsh from a duck hunter's blind.  The first forty birders to
sign up for the duck blind event must (preferably) email Jean Stone at
[log in to unmask] or call Jean at 573-751-4115  ext. 3293 to reserve
a space. There is only room for 40, although others may attend the rest
of the weekend events. For those who are in the duck blinds, there will
be a knowledgeable guide who will demonstrate the use of decoys and duck
calls.  If the weather cooperates and all goes well at the duck blinds,
this up close and personal viewing opportunity and duck "hunting"
experience will be a life time encounter with waterfowl. Be sure to
bring your cameras.

The weekend event will begin at 2:30 pm on Friday, February 20, 2004
and conclude after sundown on Saturday, February 21, 2004.  A variety of
quality motels are available in Nevada about 30-40 minutes from
Schell-Osage Conservation Area. Two small motels are available in El
Dorado Springs.

A donation of $25 per person is requested for this weekend event. The
donation will be used to help fund the construction of a viewing tower
to be built on the south edge of Schell Lake. This will provide
year-round waterfowl viewing opportunities for birders especially during
the period when the refuge roads are closed during waterfowl hunting

Because space is limited, register soon.  Seventy people (70) can
register for the event but only the first forty (40) will be taken to
duck blinds (space limitations)  All attendees are welcome to watch
waterfowl from levees with binoculars and spotting scopes.  To register,
email Jean Stone at [log in to unmask] or call 573-751-4115 ext.

Schell-Osage Birding Spree
Registration Form

Name __________________________________________

Address   _______________________________________________

Phone number   ________________________________

Attending             Friday supper  Y/N                 Saturday lunch

I have a confirmed duck blind registration with Jean Stone for a space
in a duck blind. _______

Schell-Osage Birding Spree weekend donation for viewing blind project
 ______________ ($25 suggested)

Register for weekend by emailing Jean Stone at [log in to unmask] or
calling 573-751-4115 ext. 3293

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