CALL FOR PAPERS: Panopticism: Architectural Space and Ideological

INSCRIPTIONS '04: an arts and culture conference and festival
at Eastern Mediterranean University
in Famagusta, on the island of Cyprus
June 3rd- 4th, 2004

                Submissions are invited for a Panel Discussion exploring the
ways in which architectural space is interpreted or used to shape,
manipulate and reinforce behavior patterns or mindsets, including movement,
social organization, interpersonal relationships, and relations to
technology or authority.
Some possible topic areas (others are welcome):

-prisons, asylums, hospitals, and universities
-Bentham's Panopticon and Foucault's disciplinary spaces
-urban design and dehumanization
-the architecture of fascism
-decentering and decentralization: the possibility of a democratic
-Fourier's arcades, Benjamin's Arcades, and the modern shopping mall
-reconstructing architecture at archeological sites
-adobe huts and igloos: structures and modes of adaptation and ritual
-spaces of worship: churches, cathedrals, mosques, temples
-Philippe Ariès and the architectural semiotics of death
-monuments, memorials, tombstones; cemeteries, mortuaries and funeral homes
-architecture in film from Caligari and Metropolis to Belly of an Architect
and Fight Club
-classroom, office, and interrogation spaces
-ducks and decorated sheds: idioms of postmodern architecture
-deconstructing architecture: Derrida and Peter Eisenman
-cityscape and landscape ideologies
-architectural restoration: recovering/fictionalizing history
-architectural forms in art: medieval illumination, Monet, Atget,
Constructivism, Stella, etc.
-art in architecture: from friezes and altarpieces to postmodern pastiche
-architecture as art: the aesthetics  of functionality
-wrapping up architecture: the politics of Christo
-mobility and architecture
-eroticism and architectural space
-ecological architecture: bio-environments, space-stations, and alienation
-museum, gallery, and exhibition spaces: Frank Gehry's organic architecture
-living spaces from Bauhaus to Koolhaas
            -theoretical architecture: the Chicago school

        Prospective panelists are invited to send 250-word
abstracts/proposals for 15-20 minute presentations on any aspect of these
areas to
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by 31st January, 2004. We look forward to learning about your research, and
to a provocative discussion.

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