CALL FOR PAPERS (apologies for cross-posting)

YMAGINA (Young Medievalists and Germanists in North America) is
organizing three medieval sessions for the upcoming German Studies
Association conference in Washington D.C., October 6-10 2004:

This panel is interested in representations of the Forbidden in
medieval culture, literature, history or religious practice.
Submissions could include papers on extant taboos - prohibitions
against racial miscegenation, sexual impropriety, foreign travel,
contact with infidels, traffic with diseased persons and the like - or
on how taboos were constructed, maintained, and enforced in medieval

What was being German defined by or against in the Middle Ages? For
this panel we seek submissions that explore descriptions or
constructions of Germanness in medieval literature and culture. Also
welcome are discussions of modern (mis)appropriations of medieval
material that attempt to establish a tradition of Germanness.

This session seeks papers that explore medieval representations of
decay and degeneration as fact or as metaphor and of the regeneration
that follows it (or does not).  Submissions could include papers on
disease, death, or destruction of the human, the spiritual, the
natural, the architectural, even the institutional.

Please submit abstracts of up to one page in length by email to the
following address. Deadline for abstracts is Monday, February 9, 2004.

Thank you!

Dr. William Layher
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
Washington University in St Louis
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Sara S. Poor
Assistant Professor
Princeton University
Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures
211 East Pyne
Princeton, NJ 08544
(609) 258-7980
(609) 258-5597 (FAX)

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