CALL FOR PAPERS: Races, Ethnicities and Nationalisms

INSCRIPTIONS '04: an arts and culture conference and festival
at Eastern Mediterranean University
in Famagusta, on the island of Cyprus
June 3rd- 4th, 2004.

We invite submissions for a Panel Discussion exploring how conceptions of
race, ethnicity and nationalism enter into social, cultural, economic,
political, and legal constructions/deconstructions of identity at our turn
of the century. We welcome presentations dealing with specific sites and
circumstances as well as broader theoretical/philosophical engagements.

Some possible topic areas (others are welcome):

-"imagined communities" (Anderson) and the "clash of civilizations"

-irredentism, secession, and the boundaries of the nation-state

-"representative democracies" and the problems of political/legal

-The Politics of Friendship (Derrida) and The Inclusion of the Other

-group differences, individualism, and discourses of patriotism

-class structure, labor regulations, and race/ethnicity

-Critical Race Theory and "rights talk"

-gender, race, ethnicity and violence; the problems of the margin

-genocide, population transfer, and the international legal status of the

-Orientalism, cultural imperialism (Said), and globalization

-minority rights and the concept of political equality

-ethno-linguistic or religious nationalisms and modes of

-"white mythologies" (Derrida, Young) and "dissemiNations" (Bhabha)

-centered discourses, stereotyping, profiling, xenophobia

-"progress" vs. "preservation": the problems of ethnology and museumization

-citizenship, and questions of local/international power and resource

-NGOs, quangos, and national/international policy-making

-myths and symbols of race, ethnicity and nationalism

-globalization and national identity: ideologies of origin and destiny

-subaltern discourses (Spivak) and cultures of resistance

-ethnic conflict and the logic of self-determination/sovereignty

-the efficacy of military/economic sanctions, humanitarian intervention, and

-international law, sanctions, and obligations: problems of enforcement and

-the role of intellectuals and/or institutions in shaping race, ethnicity,
and nationalism

        Prospective panelists are invited to send 250-word
abstracts/proposals for 15-20 minute presentations on any aspect of these
areas to
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by 31st January, 2004. We look forward to learning about your research, and
to a provocative discussion.

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please visit our website at
Please also check out our links to "Individual Research Presentations" and
"Creative/Performance Work."

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