German Studies Association 2004 -- call for papers

We are seeking 1-2 papers to complete a panel proposal for this year's GSA (October 6-10, Washington DC).

Marketing Socialisms?: Culture, Consumption, and Cold War Competition

This panel explores the relationship between the German citizen-consumer-producer and the construction of German nations since 1945. The national trajectories of the GDR and the FRG are generally conceived in contrast - the austerity of a planned society vs. a Wirtschaftswunder of consumer goods. Yet does this explanatory model, grounded in the study of official policy and Cold War narratives, adequately map the relationships between citizen and nation, between Germanness and socialism? What do cultural artifacts reveal about how intra-German competition complicated those terms, as both the GDR and the FRG sought to market a new national identity to their own (and in some cases each other's) citizens? For example, papers might explore the ways in which East German socialism appropriates the capitalist discourse of consumption; or how Western capitalism relies upon the assurance of state-provided social services to undergird popular support of the Economic Miracle.

We are particularly interested in proposals that build on recent research on consumer culture, and on constructions of gender, class, race and sexuality in this context. Currently, the panel consists of two cultural studies (lit/film emphasis) papers focusing on the 1950s and 1960s. We also welcome submissions from other disciplinary perspectives (history, political science, etc.), and from other points in time; both comparative and single-state approaches will be considered.

Send abstracts by Feb. 1 to both email addresses below:

Jennifer Ruth Hosek             
Dept. of Comparative Literature
Univ. of California-Berkeley
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Liz Mittman
Dept. of Linguistics & Languages
Michigan State University
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