Well, I don't believe to date that I have agreed with anything Peter has to say, but I do agree with this last statement.  Publication today doesn't necessarily indicate extraordinary talent or ability.  But, if Oprah recommends your book, you are indeed lucky, for millions of silly women will be sure to read it.  As for Viginia Woolfe rising above anything, read her letters, Peter.  She did vent on Tom.
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I'm thinking of how Mary Wolstonecraft was able to rise above
all the exasperations of her age, and of how Virginia Woolf
was able to step aside some beadle that got in her way, without
bothering to vent upon him.

Eliot is a convenient whipping horse for people who haven't found
their ways around such obstacles. It is his punishment for becoming
a Christian and so betraying the age that thought it could rise
above superstition, and thought TWL was the prime statment of that
belief. As he said once, somewhere, "In an age when everyone is
trying to escape, a person going in the opposite direction will
seem to run away." or words to that effect.

Given what the publication world has become, eg Oprah &c.
the production of a book is no longer an indicator of anything.


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