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I was thinking of something today that Eliot either wrote or said
about thanking people for a gift of a book.  This is a great time to
spread the word.  Eliot said to write a note of thanks right away.
That way you can tactifully avoid making a comment on what you think
of the book.
Ah, Rickard, but you are a man and not a woman, and as such, except for socks, underwear and a bland new england sweater, are not liklely to receive allegedly "stylish" articles of apparel that are in fact "ghastly."  So, what does a girl say when she receives a most dreadful article of clothing?  A note sent sooner or later will not matter; a lie will still be necessary.   As for books, I have so many and am so particular that no one, except my husband and one or two other persons, would dream of givng me one.  But, this brings up a subject that may be of interest. What is the most valuable book that you own?    It would be fun for everyone on the List to answer.  I wish that I had every first edition by Hemingway, Fitzgerald and Faulkner signed by them lying around my house, but I don't.  But, I do have many first editions, old and new, signed by their authors.  As far as market value goes, probably the most valuable one that I own is a first edition of Rebecca signed by Daphne Du Maurier.  Can anyone beat that?