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Her father and mother were Japanese detainees in Idaho during WW II.  While in detention he worked at a variety of potato farms.  After being released he and his wife stayed on in Idaho to become one of the state's most successful potato farmers.
Peter's Arabic potatoes story was more amusing, but this one is more impressive.    I have a story, too, a true one about Jerusalem dirt.  There was a young Israeli Rabbi who moved to America for a few years in order to take some graduate courses at a University in Massachusetts and to sleep with cool American woman.  This man, although a Rabbi, was a carefree person who liked to party sometimes.  In fact, some friends of his in Jerusalem kept him in good supply of some very high quality Marijuana.  They shipped him grass on a regular basis.  One day, after the Rabbi had been in America for more than a year, one of these shipments caught the attention of an FBI pooch.  The FBI opened the package and then re-sealed it and allowed the package to take its intended course.  They were, of course, waiting outside of the Rabbi's Boston apartment when the package arrived.  When the Rabbi arrived home that day, they waited for about 15 minutes and then raided the apartment.  They found the Rabbi sitting at the kitchen table, his hands deep in the shipment, an expression of joy on his face.  When they told him that he was under arrest, the Rabbi asked why.  The FBI men laughed and indicated the shipment of grass.  The fast thinking Rabbi said "Is it a crime here to receive dirt from the Holy Land?"  At his trial, the Rabbi stuck steadfastly to this story, that he assumed that the grass was dirt from Jerusalem that this friends had sent him to comfort him in his hours of home sickness.  He was acquitted.