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Texas Tech's
speech codes give as examples of sexual harassment the use of the terms
"boy," "girl," and "honey" for adults. Further, Texas Tech also forbids
advertisements that do not meet the hazy standard of "good taste."
How absurd.  And who is the judge of what is "good taste?"   A poster of a pretty woman in a short skirt may be considered bad taste by a not so pretty woman.  A poster depicting a family barbecue may be considered bad taste by a vegetarian. So, is Texas Tech going to arrest a southern person of the female persuasion who has called everyone "honey" her whole life?    And how about a secretary at the administrate offices who tells her boss by mistake, "I'm going out to lunch with the girls."  Or more, absurdly, how about a male professor whose wife just came for a brief visit to campus to give him a kiss before leaving town to visit her parents for a few days and he says, "I'll miss you, honey."  But, even in other cases, such as a male student calling a female student he doesn't know well "honey, and she doesn't appreciate it, it's still absurd and a violation of free speech certainly.  Of course, there are some who will say that free speech then entitles a white student to call a black student "nigger."  The difference is that this word is so derogatory and inflammatory that the use of it itself made be taken as a threat of sorts.  The word "honey" is not by itself even derogatory.