Re: IslamGunnar

The oil company is fully owned and controlled by the Saudi government, though, gasp, the magazine is published and printed in Texas.  And, we all know that all sorts of undesirable things can come from Texas.

As far as I know it is not available on line.

In the publishing info it states:
"*Saudi Aramco World* is distributed without charge, upon request, to a limited number of interested readers"

I would recommend a letter simply decribing yourself as interested in Middle Eastern cultures to:

Saudi Aramco World
Box 469008
Escondido, California
92046-9008 USA

Many of their images are on line at  click on Newsroom and Photo Archive

It is an excellent magazine.  The issue which I referred to had articles on:
1) the recurved bow of the Middle Eastern cavalry
2) Granada
3) The Nonya Cuisine of Malaysia
4) An article on a star in the Arab-Euro pop scene,
    Natacha Atlas.

Every issue contains suggestions for reading on the Middle East, seperate suggestions for teachers and students and a large listing of world wide cultural and museum exhibits on the Middle East.  For instance, there is currently an exhibit in Dusseldorf, Germany concerning "German History and the Conflict in the MIddle East"

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM