Very interesting.

Is there a "War Poetry" genre in Italian literature?

How mutually intelligible are the Italian dialects?  Are they more like
independent languages or more like accents?  Can a person using a dialect
from southern Italy readily understand a person from the Veneto without a
lot of arm waving?

Is the dialect simply a pronunciation difference of are the vocabularies
different?  How relected is the dialect in written Italian?

Can you tell which dialect Pound used for his Italian Cantos, Cantos 72 & 73
(also known as "the Lost Cantos")?

I had thought Dante basically established a literary language for Italy by
using the language of the people of Italy.  From what you say I guess this
is overly simplistic.   What dialect did Dante use in his work?  Is there a
accent which makes Dante's work more pleasant (real)  to the Italian?
If you read Dante aloud do you find yourself using another accent or dialect
from your own.

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM