Carrol Cox wrote:
> The URL does not work.

Go to
and select "When The Cigar Becomes a Phallus" (Dec 8)
from the table of contents.

The article really missed up my old Netscape 4.78 browser,
possibly because it is an Active Server Page but there was
no problem when I used a Mozilla browser.  Maybe you need
to use I.E.

As for the review, I can't say that it was able to grab my
attention, other than this statement: "Aldous Huxley once
said that an intellectual was someone who had found something
more interesting than sex".  That brought to mind the following:

A lawyer, an accountant and a physicist are discussing, over a
beer, whether life is better with a wife or with a
girlfriend. "A wife is better," declares the lawyer, "because
of the family support and the help she'll be to your career."
"Nonsense," says the accountant. "A girlfriend is better: you
can keep your independence and go out with your friends more."
They turn to the physicist, who says, "It's better to have
both. That way, the wife thinks you're with the girlfriend,
the girlfriend thinks you're with the wife, and meanwhile you
can be down at the lab!"