Peter Montgomery wrote:
> If you expect serious learning to happen on this list, you may just be
> in for a crap shoot.  All the serious learners have long since vacated
> the premises, with a few exceptions perhaps. Rickard is absolutely
> invaluable, and you should pay attention to anything he has to say.

Thank you Peter.  I think many list members supply great information
and I wish that we could hear from the quieter ones more often.

I've thought of the TSE list as an opportunity to have classroom
discussions without the classroom, pretty much what Steve had in mind
I think.  Lately though I've had a difficult time writing and not
keeping up my end of things, like repying to the myth and mythic
method posts.

I do try to keep my signal to noise ratio high but sometimes I add
some tidbits to posts I was going to make anyway so, since I have a
few off topic items, I'd add them below.

    Rick Parker


The other day I got an email mentioning Eliot and Christmas together
(in a way.)  Here are a few sentences:

    This definitely classifies as a slow response to your e-mail,
    but I've been doing a great deal of traveling (Indonesia,
    Indian Ocean, Java Sea, Christmas Island, Ireland, and cross
    country USA trips) and am now back in the States.


    One nice thought is that a somewhat ragged hardback copy of
    Eliot's complete works has travelled to nooks and crannies of
    the world which perhaps it had not previously been to.

And for the URLs:
    Word Up
    Which dictionary is the best?
    By YiLing Chen-Josephson
    Posted Thursday, Dec. 4, 2003, at 9:54 AM PT

    A comparision of desk dictionaries a la Consumer Reports.
    A Hubble space telescope presentation.  A flash presentation of some
    of the more dramatic photographs it has taken along with a musical
    accompaniment.  It is over a 3 MB download so dialups will take some
    time to get it (I know the hard way.)  I think it is worth the wait