I did not say that Campbell was an occultist.  I said he was using "myth" as
an occultist might.

I was trying to point out that an occultist would view myth as a clue.   The
occultist would further believe that the key to deciphering the clue is
occulted or hidden and available only to initiates.  As you point out
Campbell makes no claim as to the key being hidden or requiring special

The view of myth as a clue is not unique to occultism.  A believer in
revealed religion may profess to have the key that allows understanding of a
myth/clue.  That believer would readily share the key and the myth/clue with
any who wants it.

However, the idea that myth as clue explains myth is not a valid one.  It
explains myth only within a certain paradigm: the paradigm of a world view
in which everything needs explanation.  Many people view myth without
needing explanation.  It simply is and is part of their world.  To the
Native Americans of California the rocks of their mountains talked to them.
They needed no explanation of this.  Incredulous and cynical modern man
does.  The California Native American lived *in* his myths.  He didn't look
upon them as clues to anything.  They were part of his life.   Homer's Greek
warriors knew that the Gods fought along with them on the battlefield in the
"Iliad".  This fact was not a clue to anything else.  It was part of life.
It didn't symbolize anything and it was not a fiction.  It was the way life

Rick Seddon
McIntosh, NM