Dear Gunnar,

In American English "broad" is extremely sexist and offensive.  I
wonder if you realize that.  In any case, it is not ok.


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Whats wrong with a BA in tennis!

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>This is not very civil.  Also, please be aware that I'm neither
>pretentious nor a broad.  I happen to be a person who enjoys poetry of
>the female persuasion.  You did get one thing right.  I am a Floridian,
>and I'm happy to report that on December 8, 2003, at 10:30 in the
>evening, Eastern Standard Time, it is 73 degrees outside (translate it to
>the metric yourself).  Also, be aware that there are two types of people
>on this List.  One consists of intellectuals. The other consist of
>non-intellectuals.  The intellectual group consists of college professors
>and people who are not college professors, mainly people in the business
>world though I know there is at least one housewife and maybe there is
>even a fireman.  And of this group, there are published writers, among
>the college professors and among the non-college professors.  The
>non-intellctual group consists, of course, of students majoring in tennis
>but need help for their English term paper.   Peter, of course, belongs
>to this latter group and as he's not a very good tennis player (6-0, 6-1,
>6-0 being the result from his last match), let us all try to be kind.
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>You've been monopolizing the list for too long. Your vapid smugness bores
>me no end. It is because of pretentious nitwits like you and the FLA
>broad that so many fine people have quit.
>Why don't you take another break, and this time for good, you shallow old
>fart -- this is getting unbearable.

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