At 02:28 PM 12/29/2003 -0800, Peter Montgomery

>Amen, Ken.
>Can you give the precise source for that
>very special statement?


  From the aforementioned book edited by Allen Tate, it's in the I.A.
RIchards piece. Richards quotes TSE from the Minnesota stadium lecture,
where Eliot says, "We should endeavor to grasp what the poetry is aiming to
be; one might say....endeavoring to grasp its entelechy."

"With that in mind," follows Richards, "let me conclude with two extracts
from TSE's broadcast on "Virgil and the Christian World..."

The first "extract" is on inspiration; the second on destiny. No date or
place is given; I just assumed it was a BBC broadcast. It seems to me that
there is an awful lot of unpublished Eliot that would bear repeating. Does
anyone know (someone surely does) whether there are any audio records of
any of Eliot's many addresses?