I believe BROAD is a distillation of the phrase BROAD IN THE BEAM.
In pre-Marilyn Munroe days, such an attribute was considered, perhaps,
by a lot of men, the most desireable in women. Since that time,
the male focus seems to have migrated upwards somewhat, with a
simultaneous desire for a narrowing of the beam, which may, besides
the sexist bit, be another reason why the term is not used in politically
correct circumstances.

Of course if one is simply gunning to disparage another person,
one needn't arm one's self with pejoratives, nor fire off a list
of the other person's apparent offensivenesses. Such barrages
are simply a confession of failure and an indication that one's own
inadequate armour has caused one to be hit.

It is much more effective to reflect what one has perceived
in a somewhat disarming manner, rather as an act of Homage to
John Dryden.


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Dear Gunnar,

In American English "broad" is extremely sexist and offensive.  I
wonder if you realize that.  In any case, it is not ok.


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Whats wrong with a BA in tennis!

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>This is not very civil.  Also, please be aware that I'm neither
>pretentious nor a broad.  I happen to be a person who enjoys poetry of
>the female persuasion.  You did get one thing right.  I am a Floridian,
>and I'm happy to report that on December 8, 2003, at 10:30 in the
>evening, Eastern Standard Time, it is 73 degrees outside (translate it to
>the metric yourself).  Also, be aware that there are two types of people
>on this List.  One consists of intellectuals. The other consist of
>non-intellectuals.  The intellectual group consists of college professors
>and people who are not college professors, mainly people in the business
>world though I know there is at least one housewife and maybe there is
>even a fireman.  And of this group, there are published writers, among
>the college professors and among the non-college professors.  The
>non-intellctual group consists, of course, of students majoring in tennis
>but need help for their English term paper.   Peter, of course, belongs
>to this latter group and as he's not a very good tennis player (6-0, 6-1,
>6-0 being the result from his last match), let us all try to be kind.
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>You've been monopolizing the list for too long. Your vapid smugness bores
>me no end. It is because of pretentious nitwits like you and the FLA
>broad that so many fine people have quit.
>Why don't you take another break, and this time for good, you shallow old
>fart -- this is getting unbearable.

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