From: Rickard A. Parker [mailto:[log in to unmask]]

Peter Montgomery wrote:
> If you expect serious learning to happen on this list, you may just be
> in for a crap shoot.  All the serious learners have long since vacated
> the premises, with a few exceptions perhaps. Rickard is absolutely
> invaluable, and you should pay attention to anything he has to say.

Thank you Peter.  I think many list members supply great information
and I wish that we could hear from the quieter ones more often.
Nonetheless, you seem to me to be the best amongst us noiser
folk at not letting an emotional agenda (sometimes disguised
as an academic issue) interefere with what you have to say.

As for this being a classroom -- I don't think the world
of dynamic text with all its oral charateristics lends
itself to such an understandable and laudable effort.
There is no way to get the various visual and auditory
signals that indicate that people are paying attention.

I think a lot of what happens is just people being
narcissistic about their own text, as if it were
glowing out for the whole universe to admire -- some-
what the equivalent of people liking the sound of their
own voice. I guess it's a way of reassuring themselves
that they are alive.

Ah well. Maybe I shouldn't have read so much Wyndham Lewis.