Another country heard from.

Leben sie wohl.

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Subject: ENOUGH!

am 09.12.2003 1:06 Uhr schrieb Peter Montgomery  unter
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> If you expect serious learning to happen on this list,
> you may just be in for a crap shoot. All the serious learners
> have long since vacated the premises, with a few exceptions
> perhaps. Rickard is absolutely invaluable, and you should pay
> attention to anything he has to say. I was here at the start,
> then after a somewhat lengthy hiatus I returned to something
> less than a full hearse as my undertaker friend would say.


You've been monopolizing the list for too long. Your vapid smugness bores me
no end. It is because of pretentious nitwits like you and the FLA broad that
so many fine people have quit.

Why don't you take another break, and this time for good, you shallow old
fart -- this is getting unbearable.