Call for Papers:
                                 Trading in the Past: Imagining Identity
across Time
                  2004 Germanics Conference at the University of Washington,
                                                      April 3, 2004
                                         "Ursprung ist das Ziel" - Karl

This interdisciplinary conference explores the ways in which the past
obtains a currency in negotiating the present--and imagining the future.
Even in revolution, there is no such thing as a clean break from history. 
How has history been functionalized to serve political ends? Does
technological innovation eradicate or manufacture tradition? How does
cultural inheritance enable the preservation of traditions or the invention
of identity? What counts as historical in literary or cultural history and
what gets overlooked? What means are available for marking time?  To what
degree is the German past still a burden?

Deadline for submissions (in English or German): January 20, 2004

Paper topics may include, but are not limited to:
-       Boundaries: as defined in national, linguistic or cultural terms
-       Minorities and migrations, centers and peripheries across time
-       Literature and tropes of reunification and “Ostalgie”
-       Religious and cultural artifacts
-       Cinema, history, memory
-       Media, modes of authorship, literary authenticity
-       Germanistik and German cultural studies
-       Vergangenheitsbewaeltigung and memorializing the past
-       Patterns of denial and erasure of history
-       “Family moments” as familial identity and memory
-       Heritage and enterprise
-       The limits of New Historicism

Please send a one-page abstract to: [log in to unmask], submit
electronically at our conference website:

  or mail to:  "Trading in the Past" Conference
                  Department of Germanics
                  340-C Denny Box 353130
                  Seattle WA 98195-3130

Paper presentations should not exceed 20 minutes.
All abstracts will be read anonymously.
Limited travel funding available.

best regards,

conference organizers: Andrea Baer, Brad Hevenor, Gabi Eichmanns, Petra
Faiferova, Kim Seal, and Jenny Stoffel.