GERMAN PROJECTIONS, FOREIGN REFLECTIONS: "German" film, home and abroad.

 In an era when film has become a major determinant of cultural identities, the
German department of the University of Pennsylvania is pleased to invite papers
for a graduate conference on Saturday April 3, 2004.

 After the death of the cinematographer/mythographer Leni Riefenstahl, and with
Wolfgang Peterson's Trojan Wars set to be one of the summer blockbusters, it is
time to consider how film creates historical memory, nationally and

 How is Europe's long history presented in the new technologies of the twentieth
and twenty-first century marketplace? Which narrative strategies are still
valid, and which must be reimagined? Are these reinventions culturally or
technologically determined? How do German film-makers, artists, writers and
designers, communicate historical matter to today's mass audience? What does a
text gain or lose in the translation from page to cinema screen - or from a
German/European product to an American/worldwide market?

         Possible topic areas include (but are not limited to):

 - ancient history and new technologies
 - the warrior as hero & war stories
 - history and the documentary form
 - film in the German-language classroom
 - star status in German cinema and worldwide
 - the "German" soundtrack from Wagner to Rammstein
 - marketing Germany and Europe in America and beyond
 - world-wide hits and local viewers: the crafting of the "export movie"
 - Der Zorn Gottes: hubris & nemesis in modern narrative
 - the film in the book: narrative transfer and the multitude of media
 - German Hollywood (.com): emigré film-makers and artists from Weimar to today
 - archaeology and the action movie: historical accuracy/distortion and the mass
 - lighting the landscape, sceneing the seascape: Adriatic, Aegean and
Mediterranean in German film.

         Please send abstracts of no more than one page by January 8, 2004 to:

        Samuel Willcocks,
        Dept of Germanic Languages & Literatures,
        University of Pennsylvania,
        Bennett Hall 133,
        3340 Walnut Street,
        Philadelphia 19104
        or [log in to unmask]

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