The graduate students of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultural
At the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada
Invite proposals for their 3rd Graduate Student Conference
on March 5th and 6th, 2004

Featuring keynote speaker
professor Lenore Grenoble
Dartmouth College, Hanover NH
author of Language Policy in the Soviet Union (2003)

Since the beginning of society, the desire for change has prompted countless
discussions, debates and policies. The realization that new ideas come from
knowledge, and that practice comes from theory has created a system geared
towards encouraging and supporting innovations and innovative projects. The
transition from pen to application, which is always aimed at a successful
exploitation of new ideas and implementation of theories into practice, has
been the core basis of all developing societies. More and more, true
innovation is being seen not only as an introduction of new products and ideas
or a change in the old ways, but also as a way of recognizing and celebrating
the need to change oneself.
However, innovation does not always successfully exploit and implement new
policies or ideas since it is controlled to a great degree not only by
scholars, organizations or committees, but also by cross cultural relations,
social factors and even the passage of time  all of which become determining
factors in the success or failure of innovative projects.
This conference invites papers that address issues of innovation, its
heuristic trials and errors, and how the original thought or intended message
has been influenced by issues relating to, or resulting from, society,
culture, and time.  Papers in language teaching, literature, translation
studies, cultural studies and communication, folklore, linguistics,
anthropology, political science, sociology, history, humanities computing, and
other applicable fields are welcome.

Papers may be given in English or French and should be no longer than 20
minutes (approximately 10 pages double-spaced). Proposals should be sent to
the conference committee by e-mail or regular mail by January 31, 2004.
Proposals should be no more than 250 words in length, single-spaced and should
include full name, address and affiliation.

Anna Chilewska, Christina Keppie, Serhiy Kozakov, Alexandra Miekus
Conference Committee

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Mailing address: Third Graduate Conference
Modern Languages and Cultural Studies
University of Alberta
200 Arts Building
Edmonton, AB T6G 2E6, Canada

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